A couple from Hood River, Oregon felt deeply moved to leave a legacy of healing and hope. Their example of generous giving is a powerful example of what God can do through people who are willing.


The easiest way to make a contribution to Child Beyond is by donating cash, appreciated securities or property. You will receive a full fair market value tax deduction, and you can avoid any associated capital gain tax in the process.


Facebook Fundraising is a powerful tool to raise money on social media for charitable organizations. Just imagine: you can use a birthday fundraiser, Giving Tuesday fundraiser or another personal fundraiser to release children and families from poverty in Jesus’ name!

Built upon the world’s largest social network, Facebook Fundraising allows everyone to share their personal Child Beyond story, tell friends and family about the need of children and families living in poverty, and rally around a goal.

Creating a fundraiser on Facebook for Child Beyond is easy! It allows a way to advocate for children and families  in poverty while educating and mobilizing your friends to do the same.

Start A Facebook Fundraiser Now

Even during periods of stock market turmoil, many people own publicly traded securities with long-term appreciation (held longer than one year). These assets are often the best to donate as they provide a greater tax benefit. In order to preserve maximum tax advantages, you should transfer the actual securities to us rather than the proceeds from a sale.

If you have stock losses, generally you should not contribute the stock, but rather sell the stock yourself to realize the loss for tax purposes. You can then contribute the proceeds and take a charitable deduction.

Mutual fund shares can provide the same tax advantages as gifts of appreciated stock. Mutual fund transfers often require several days, so plan ahead and initiate the transfer well before December 31.


When making a gift to a charitable organization, real estate is sometimes the best gift of all. Many people reach a stage in life where they simply don’t want the management responsibility that goes with property ownership.

Outright gifts of real estate assets–or through a life income arrangement–can produce multiple tax advantages to the donor. If you have rental apartments, commercial buildings, a farm, or vacation property, you may be able to avoid both capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture taxes as well.


The charitable gift annuity is one of the most popular forms of life income gifts and offers many advantages:

  • Income for Life – at attractive payout rates for one or two lives

  • Tax Deduction Savings – a large part of what you transfer is a deductible charitable gift

  • Tax-Free Payout – a large part of your annual payment may be tax-free

  • Capital Gains Tax Savings – when you contribute securities to fund a gift annuity, you avoid any taxes on your “paper profit”

If you are experiencing a low return on CDs, money market accounts, treasury notes or bond funds, a gift annuity can be an excellent alternative. Returns are based on annuity tables and vary by age.

Kings Hill Roasters
100% of every bag purchased goes to CBI

We are so grateful to Kings Hill Roasters of Portland Oregon for partnering with us in caring for God's precious children in Guatemala! 100% of every bag purchased of the Guatemalan-origin coffee, Manos De Mujer goes to CBI.

From Kings Hill Roasters: We love Manos De Mujer, our single-origin from Guatemala because of its creamy body, balanced acidity, and complex notes of ripe melon, black cherry, and bittersweet chocolate. This coffee holds up across all brew methods. What makes us love this coffee, even more, is that it supports women farmers. This coffee comes from the ACODIHUE cooperative which focuses on women growers and has put forward efforts to improve each of the farmer's lives. Tasting notes: Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Ripe Melon.

Available in Light, Medium, or Dark roast. Specify during checkout.

Now you can enjoy a delicious cup of gourmet Guatemalan coffee while lifting up a child at the same time! Click the link below to buy your bag today!

Buy Coffee
Amazon Smile
0.5% of every purchase goes to CBI

Start your Amazon shopping at Amazon Smile. You shop as you normally would on the site, at no extra cost to you, and you don't need to make a separate account. You simply go to Amazon Smile, select "Child Beyond International" as your charity. That's it! 

Through Amazon Smile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to CBI. You can bookmark the page so you always use Amazon Smile instead of Amazon. Use the link below to get started today!

Amazon Smile

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