These orphans and wards of the state have experienced incredible trauma:

  • Abandoned by mothers unable to take care of them

  • Neglected by parents caught in addiction

  • Orphaned by violence or disease

  • Abused by adults who should have cared for them

The plight of these vulnerable children is heartbreaking. 

But your support can lift them beyond trauma to LIFE!

Rescue a Child Today!

Your support gives children safety and healing

that sets them on a path for a positive, trusting, and successful life.


Child Beyond is strategically positioned to help infants and preschool children in their crucial first 1,000 days of life when they begin to understand their world:

  • Is the world a safe place?

  • Can I trust people?

  • Will my needs be met?

  • Am I loved?

If the answer is “no,” a young child is reduced to “survival mode.” They may withdraw or act out in anger. They may have trouble bonding with or trusting people. They will not mature emotionally beyond their point of trauma. They will likely repeat the cycle of abuse, addiction, and heartache as adults.