Mobile Medical Mercy Mission Bus (4M BUS)

If you have not had the joy of serving on a short-term medical mission, you’ll have to imagine the amazing way God uses physical care through our medical mission teams to open hearts to the spiritual care our Lord desires to give most of all. When a desperately ill baby is healed with a simple dose of the correct medicine, a mother’s heart is open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When a chronic cough and constant chest pain is healed with breathing treatments and an inhaler, an elderly man’s heart is open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When a 12-year-old boy’s broken, twisted leg is reset and recovers fully, a mother and father’s heart are open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When pain and weakness and fear and hopelessness are physically removed, a barrier to the healing Gospel of Jesus is also removed and the Holy Spirit brings grace, love and faith into an open, willing heart. This is our long-term vision for Guatemala because of our Lord’s clear call to GO ! (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8)

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So many children become sick and often die from preventable illnesses. What we take for granted with our modern medical facilities and available treatments and medicines are not even a consideration for so many precious children of God living day to day with no hope of relief or improvement. This is why we have been called to share God’s healing love with Guatemala. Until now, the medical mission teams have been limited in the scope of the medical care they could provide in the outlying towns and villages surrounding our partner Guatemalan churches. The main problem is they had to haul any medical equipment and supplies to a remote location and set up a clinic as best they could. Frequently they have no easy access to sanitary facilities, proper equipment or medicines for unexpected medical challenges, refrigeration, blood testing equipment, X-ray imaging, and much more. Dental care is even more challenging due to the lack of a proper dental chair or powered dental tools to handle the complex and painful oral issues many Guatemalans suffer daily. 

 The 4M Bus will solve all these medical and dental challenges and allow the mission team doctors, nurses, dentists and technicians to achieve far more success in bringing physical healing to hundreds and eventually thousands of adults and children in Guatemala over the many years ahead. And when someone receives such an incredible gift of physical relief of pain or the healing of their gravely-ill child, their hearts will be opened wide to hear about the greatest gift of all - spiritual healing of their sin and eternal healing of their souls, won for them on the cross and empty tomb of Jesus Christ. This is the ultimate reason for all the dedication, work, and sacrifice of the medical mission team members to bring physical healing to the people of Guatemala. It’s all so that they will open their hearts to receive the greatest healing of all - from the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, our Lord. To join us in helping to reach the people of Guatemala through medical missions, either as a group or by joining an existing team, complete the form below.


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