RESCUE a child in desperate need


When parents die, or families fall apart, the lives of innocent children are at stake. Some are cast into the streets at age two or three to suffer abuse or neglect.

Your sponsorship moves a vulnerable child beyond trauma to a life full of joy and promises through our children’s home in San Cristóbal, Guatemala.

By working with the Guatemalan court system, Child Beyond International rescues the most vulnerable children, saving them from abuse, abandonment, and a life of trauma on the streets.

Rescue a child today!

Beyond abandonment

to a loving family where they are cared for by full-time home parents who give them love, guidance, and instruction as they grow up.

Beyond life on the streets

to a safe home where every child has their own warm bed where they are tucked in each night with prayer and assurance of God’s love for them.

Beyond hunger and nakedness

to healthy home-cooked meals and clothing to wear as they grow up.


Educational Growth: Preschool, playtime, art, and recreation. Older children attend public school-we provide their tuition fees, books, and uniforms.

Medical Care: Wellness checkups weekly, immunizations, and emergency care.

Emotional Care: Weekly evaluations and counseling sessions with our on-site child psychologist.

Legal Advocacy: Working with the local court system to protect children from returning to abusive or neglectful situations.

Family Restoration: Working directly with the child's parents and/or extended family through our full-time social worker to restore the child to a loving and safe home environment if at all possible.

Spiritual Transformation: Our ultimate goal is that every child and family will know Jesus and His deep love for them and grow in their life-long trusting relationship with Him as their Savior, Lord, and Friend.

Rescue a Child Today!


  • An annual letter in the mail from your child.
  • Regular e-mails about what’s happening at the Child Beyond Home in Guatemala.
  • The blessing of forever changing the life of a child in need.